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Each Morning I Am Born Again

A Facebook friend posted this article entitled 18 Spiritual Teachings That Will Alter Your Mind and Improve Your Life. The eighth item on the list reads:

Each morning, I am born again. What I do today is what matters most.

Thanks, Buddha!

The past brought me here, but it is over. The future is totally uncertain. I aspire to concentrate as much of my attention and effort on the present moment, the current situation and the living relationships I cultivate with myself and others.

Shout out, also, to Eckhart Tolle and The Flaming Lips. Living in the moment, cliché as it has become to say, is truly liberating. The more I practice, the better I get.

I can relate to this because I do spend too much time feeling angry and embarrassed about the past (regret) and worrying about the future. Regret and worry are both fear. Regret looks to the past and worry looks to the future. Fear is a function of my ego. I could also say that my ego is fear-based. That is why it seeks to control. It seeks to control me so that it can use me to control my environment. Of course it never achieves complete control and therefore never feels secure.

My ego does not exist in the now. It only exists in the past or the future. When I worry or regret I am ceding control of myself to my ego.  Therefore, If I do worry it is always about a future event. It might be a future event a few seconds from now but it is always in the future.

I cannot worry about what is happening right now. As such, the now is a refuge I can escape to. There is no fear in the now because I have all the information on the now in the now. There is freedom in the now and seemingly infinite possibility. My true self exists in the now. When I worry or regret I abandon my true self to fear and my ego.

I cannot change the future or the past but I can change (that is, take action in) the present. And really now is the only thing that exists or ever exists. As Eckhart Tolle says even if I had a time machine and used it to travel back in time, when I arrived at my destination it would still be now.

Therefore, now is all I have or will ever have. When I worry or regret I fall asleep to this essential fact. When I worry or regret I am not actively living my life. I am passively watching a depiction or version of my life. It is possible to have positive depictions of the past or future (e.g., nostalgia or anticipation) and it seems impossible or impractical to always exist in a state fully appreciating the now. But most of the time I find myself not in the now. So, to cultivate an active experience of the now is a useful exercise.

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