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Hang in there

In my mind there is a poster of a cat  hanging on a rope or something. Underneath there is a caption which reads “hang in there.” I have seen it somewhere before like on an inspirational poster. There is an industry that makes these things and there are customers who are there to buy them. There is the sense that the people who made this poster have all the answers. They know that life constantly changes and the bad times will end  and there will be good times after that. But there is also the sense that the person who made this poster saw a picture of a cat hanging from a rope and put the caption underneath it because it was cute or funny or he thought someone might find it inspirational. Who knows what the poster’s creator’s personal life is like?

If the creator of the poster does not have all the answers would that make its message any less powerful? Part of me wants to think so. I suspect that part of me is my ego. On the other hand, perhaps the creator of the poster was merely a pawn being used by God to convey to me a message in my darkest hour. In that case the poster’s creator’s personal life should not have an impact on my assessment of the poster itself. On the third hand, perhaps there is nothing behind the poster. Perhaps statistically people like cats and inspirational statements. Put the two together and the creator of the poster will make money.

Can the poster still be meaningful even if there is no God and the poster was created by someone with cynical intentions? Can I still draw meaning from it if I just randomly happened upon it and I just randomly happen to be going through a bad period at that particular time? There is the sense that I am a sucker if I see the poster and it was made cynically and there is no God and I still feel my heart warm when I see it. This assumes that both my outward actions and my inward thoughts are both being observed. In a sense they are. I am observing myself and I can see both my outward actions and thoughts. My ego can see me and criticize me. God can see me

Perhaps I am the creator of the poster. I do not remember making it but I did and I placed it in my life at just the right point to give me courage to wait out the bad times. After I die, when the veil of life is lifted and I have a chance to read the script of this production and take a look back stage I  will know the real reason why I made that poster. I will remember my thought process at the time of its making. I will smile knowingly at the private joke I had with myself and the punchline I would never get while living my life.

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