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The Enemy of my Enemy: from Ukraine to Uvalde

Recently I read a blog post written by a person on the far right (traditionalist) end of the political spectrum regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In the post he says the following:

Like many traditionalists, I had hoped for a swift Russian victory, because nothing matters more than the defeat of the Satanic American regime. As the last major-power white Christian country, Russia is the last outpost of Western Civilization and so has a better claim on our loyalty than our own wicked countries that make no disguise of their hatred for us. In the long run, Ukraine stands a better chance of having its people and culture endure if it is conquered by Russia than if it is assimilated into the EU.

There are questionable assumptions the author makes in this statement. Is Russia really fighting as a Christian power or as a representative of Western Civilization? Is the population of Russia any more devoutly Christian than the population of the USA? But what is striking is the author’s support for Russian victory over Ukraine as a victory against the United States. I assume the author is a citizen of the United States but that could be a questionable assumption on my part. However, the sentiment seems to be, the enemy (i.e., Russia) of my enemy (i.e., the “Satanic American regime”) is my friend.

More recently, in the same blog, a different author (whom, based on previous posts appears to be in general agreement with the above quoted author) wrote a post about the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. In his post he wrote about the perpetrator:

A “bully” was once a low-status thug who beat up wimps in the hope of winning the approval of high-status thugs.  It is now a normal person who disapproves of an eccentric weirdo.  The Uvalde shooter appears to have been an eccentric weirdo, and he appears to have suffered some of this second sort of “bullying;” but it is not at all clear that it is wrong to “bully” an eccentric weirdo like the Uvalde shooter.  The Uvalde shooter should not have been mocked for his alleged stuttering, but he (and 21 other people) might have been saved by strong social pressure (a.k.a. “bullying”) to cut out that whole scary, creepy, eccentric weirdo shit.

I suspect both authors would accuse the “Satanic American regime” (and liberalism in general) for creating the alienating conditions which gave rise to the eccentric weirdo of Uvalde. But I also suspect the eccentric weirdo was motivated in some way to strike a blow at the very same “Satanic American regime” that made him feel alienated in the first place. And if so, should he not also be considered an enemy of the enemy of these authors?


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