Ad Hominem Attack – a Shame Based Tactic

The ad hominem attack is a common tactic amongst those who espouse shame as a virtue. It is tempting to say this is because their logical arguments are not up to par but this is not always the case. Rather, shame-based people attack people personally because this is how shame is transferred from one person to another. The attacker criticizes its intended victim personally in a way that is intend to cause the victim to feel shame by bringing to light something that is likely to be perceived as a character defect. If successful the victim will feel shame and will either back off or lash out inappropriately, both of which cause the victim to feel an additional level of shame.

It is important to note that these attacks are typically inflicted in a passive-aggressive manner. Because shame is cowardly, it often hides itself behind deniability. When called out on this it will often become triggered or enraged attacking the person who called out its passive aggressive behavior with more ad hominem attacks.

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