Thordaddy’s Use of Private Jargon / Secret Language

This post is part of a series of posts designed to address the common topics brought by a frequent commentator to my blog named Thordaddy. Please see this post for an introduction to this series.

An Overview of Thordaddy’s Method of Communication

Thordaddy chooses to communicate in a purposefully obscure and at times annoying manner. I am not the only one to make this observation. He does this in various ways including:

(1) making up terms such as (a) radical autonomy and (b) self-annihilation and not adequately defining or providing examples of these terms as he uses them so that I can properly understand what he is attempting to communicate;

(2) creating new definitions for terms such as (a) supremacy and (b) perfection and then refusing to adequately define or provide examples that would fit within his created definitions;

(3) using punctuation in a non conventional manner such as “(P)erfection” and then not adequately explaining what this use of punctuation means, then expecting me to employ his convention without understanding what it implies;

(4) annoyingly substituting homonyms or near homonyms (often with racially hostile overtones) for regular words in an effort to appear clever or perhaps comical. An example might be instead of writing, “why to you think that?” he might write, “why do Jew think that?”

The problem with this form of communication that Thordaddy seems unwilling or not  able to grasp is that we cannot have a conversation about the ideas he is attempting to articulate unless we both share and understand a common definition.

Thordaddy’s Possible Motivations for Choosing to Communicate Obscurely

The overarching theme to Thordaddy’s communication style seems to be dishonesty. He could communicate clearly if he chose to do so. This would require the use of standard English syntax and definitions. If, for some reason, it was necessary for him to communicate using an invented, non standard syntax or definition, he would then have to clearly explain the reason for this non standard usage as well as explain the meaning he intends. He not only refuses to do any of this, but he then accuses his readers of being dishonest for pretending to not understand him or too stupid to understand him. I cannot help but assume this is psychological projection on his part.

All this begs the question, why would he want to communicate dishonestly? My experience (both personal and observational) tells me that dishonest communication of this sort (i.e., trolling) has its origin in toxic shame. A good resource on the subject of toxic shame is “Healing the Shame that Binds You” by John Bradshaw. Specifically, he writes:

There are two forms of shame: innate shame and toxic / life-destroying [self-annihilating?] shame. When shame is toxic, it is an excruciatingly internal experience of unexpected exposure… It divides us from ourselves and from others. When our feeling of shame becomes toxic shame, we disown ourselves. And this disowning demands a cover-up. Toxic shame parades in many garbs and get-ups. It loves darkness and secretiveness. (Bradshaw, p. 5)

Thordaddy’s obscure communication style is a form of secretiveness. His hostility towards anyone who challenges his form of communication seems to fit a personality that has something to hide. Theoretically, he chooses to hide his shame with a thick fog of obscure communication. But hiding behind this fog is a lonely place to be which is why he reaches out to other people on the internet. Hostile and annoying interaction is apparently better than no interaction at all.

With this in mind, it is entirely possible that Thordaddy does not want to actually want to have a conversation about his ideas. Rather, he wants to “get a rise” out of people reacting to his hostile and annoying behavior. This motivation defines the classic internet troll. It is also entirely possible that the terminology Thordaddy uses actually has no real meaning and therefore is incapable of being defined. If true, this would also fit the classic troll motivation.


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24 responses to “Thordaddy’s Use of Private Jargon / Secret Language

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  2. thordaddy

    Your deconstructing is futile.

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  4. thordaddy

    Ask yourself why no other readers will comment on this dialogue?

    I’ll tell you why…

    Because they cannot possibly copy your feigned ignorance NOR can they admit to being a “white supremacist.”

    Again, IF I define “Roman Catholicism” as the religious pathology of diddling young boys, who are you to argue? The FACT that much boy diddling has gone on and continues to go on within the institution of “Roman Catholicism” is suffice in underscoring the claim. What say you?

    • I think the reason is more likely to be no one is interested in the topic.

      • thordaddy

        Huh… The masses are definitely interested in the subject of “racism.” In fact, “racism” is about the only subject that the dull mass is collectively interested in.

      • Then maybe your obscure form of communication makes them uninterested.

      • thordaddy

        There is nothing obscure about my language.

        There is only a near monolithic mindset against white men who desire (P)erfection as white men and thus there is a commensurate collective denial unrivaled on a global scale.

        You are of the rare kind that shall willingly articulate this denial.

        Your mass audience possesses no such inclination.

  5. Your language is completely obscure and I am not the only one to make this observation. Here’s an example:

    No one is against white people trying to better themselves independent of hostility towards other races. If you disagree please provide one example you feel demonstrates this.

    • thordaddy

      If a white man desires (P)erfection that necessitates his separation from all non-whites, NEARLY EVERYONE is against this. It is what one can know as anti-“white supremacy.” You are just not being truthful about reality.

      • So your concept of perfection is in relation to other races.

      • thordaddy

        No… Desire for (P)erfection just is separation from the masses which necessarily includes the multitude of races. Any Catholic should understand this exclusionary principle.

      • I think if you chose to separate yourself, no one would have a problem with that. I certainly wouldn’t.

      • thordaddy

        You must not be paying attention to the dark hordes who proclaim “segregation” to be an “evil” “crime?”

      • The rest of the country is not going to change for you. If you want to live separately you’ll have to go somewhere else.

      • thordaddy

        Do you think that I am the only one seeking separation in the face of totalitarian integration? Are you living under a rock? Besides, “we” are essentially describing a psychological separation versus a total physical one. “We” are referencing antithetical minds, one set on (S)upremacy and the other set on racial annihilation. You like to pretend as a “white” “Roman (C)atholic” that you transcend the fray. You do not. You fall firmly on the side of racial self-annihilation. The deception is in your unwillingness to state this desire ever so bluntly. This desire must be extracted from you by outside influences and exposed in real time such as now.

      • I certainly do not seek racial self-annihilation. If I did, why would I marry and have children with a white woman? I just don’t see race as the most important category of human existence.

    • thordaddy


      I don’t think your link makes your case at all despite Kristor’s initial critique.

      Remember, the idea that “white supremacy” is inherently “evil” is probably the most damnable lie in our lifetimes.

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