Thordaddy’s Twin Concepts of “Radical Autonomy” and “Self-Annihilation”

This post is part of a series of posts designed to address the common topics brought by a frequent commentator to my blog named Thordaddy. Please see this post for an introduction to this series.

I.  Radical Autonomy

Thordaddy has accused me of being “radically autonomous” but has consistently refused to define this term or has provided inconsistent and obscure definitions. His comments to this blog post articulates this pattern well.

In a comment Thordaddy provided the following definition for “radical autonomy”:

The consistent application of tolerance and nondiscrimination, ie., the continuous exercising of liberal ideology. Ergo, “radical autonomy” is an all-accepting indiscriminancy, ie., the surest path to self-annihilation.

He also articulated that “autism” is an example of “radical autonomy” because an autistic person “cannot know his parents.”

When asked how I fit these definitions and examples he responded:

You are radically autonomous because *you* claim that “Roman Catholic” teaching is in accord with anti-racist ideology. The reality of this contention is the exposure of your deracinated state of mind and self-annihilating tendencies. So Roman Catholic teaching isn’t of the fathers (read: racial), but rather, a matter of devoted osmosis (read: permeatingly ideological).

The standard definition for “radical autonomy” might be “extreme independence” but this begs the question as to what I am being extremely independent from. In these comments he seems to be saying that a person who is “radically autonomous” has achieved extreme independence from his race. To wit, a person who tolerates other races and tries not to discriminate on the basis of race is distancing himself from his own race / ancestors and therefor does not know his parents in the sense that his parents’ racial identity is the most important part of their identity. I suppose the connection with autism here is that in extreme cases an autistic child cannot emotionally connect with his primary care givers and therefor does not know them. I am not sure this is a good example, however, because some autistic children certainly can know their parents.

In summary, if Thordaddy does define “radical autonomy” as “extremely independent of one’s racial identity” I wonder what he hoped to achieve by resisting, defining this term all this time. Secondly, I suppose my response to his accusation would be, “so what?”

II.  Self-Annihilation

Thordaddy has also consistently accused me of being a “self-annihilator” without providing an adequate definition for what he means by this term. Presumably, there is a racial component to this term. That is, because I practice “anti-racism” (his term) that I am somehow annihilating myself through the annihilation of my race. As far as I can tell, however, I still exist, my race still exists and I have procreated two members of my race. As such, I really have no idea what he means by this accusation.


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16 responses to “Thordaddy’s Twin Concepts of “Radical Autonomy” and “Self-Annihilation”

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  3. thordaddy

    One seeks “radical autonomy” as a complete detachment form The Father. So the “radical autonomist” is attempting to construct a world without The Father. Of course, when one reject The Father, one is rejecting an aspect of himself. He is annihilating a part of himself. He who denies The Father is a self-annihilator.

    Now, I know you are going to claim to believe in The Father, but then you will deny being racially-incarnated, ie., of your father(s). So this stance — I believe in The Father, but don’t believe in my race — is ALSO self-annihilating such that IF you were to truly hate your father THEN you would hate a part of your self. Again, you would be a self-annihilator.

    Now, you will write that you do not hate your father, but there is good evidence to suggest that you very much look down at your father(s) for their past “racism.” There is also a good chance that you were not aware of this antipathy UNTIL you became a “Roman Catholic.” Together, you have come to the novel idea that “Roman Catholicism” is to be against your father(s) (yet, not ultimately against The Father). This is fallacious. And requires a deep examination on your part.

    Many believe The Church to have been usurped. Not many see “its” anti-racism as point-blank proof of that usurpation.

    The white (S)upremacist is under no such illusions.

  4. I don’t know what you mean by that.

    • thordaddy

      You have no concept of race.

      You know of no one who hates their father.

      Even your Roman Catholicism will not acknowledge objective (S)upremacy.

      But your interpretation of the Second Commandment is indistinguishable from modern anti-racist ideology.

      Man, where do you actually stand?

      • Choosing not to be hostile to one’s neighbor is not the same as hating one’s father. Your inability to distinguish between the two is your issue, not mine.

      • thordaddy

        Certainly, they are not the same “things,” but they are nonetheless connected to each other by “racism” of somesuch, no?

        If you hate your father then you hate that aspect of yourself that is your father’s aspect, no? And if you hate thyself somesuch, how do you then love thy neighbor as thyself? Well, you will love thy neighbor who hates his/your father, too! So you have a mutual love for anti-racism. And you help destroy the neighborhood in what amounts to a degenerate cuckling of virtue-sniveling.

      • But I don’t hate my father. So what’s your point?

      • thordaddy

        Of course you do, but in comes in the form of hating your “race” instead.

  5. But I don’t hate my race either.

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