Troll Jujitsu

trollI have tussled with a troll on my blog lately. I shall not name him directly in this post but anyone can review the comment sections of other posts I have written to know who I am talking about. Like all trolls he has an over inflated ego and sees (or at least presents) himself as fighting the good and moral fight. But also like all trolls he remains largely unaware of his own true motivations. If he is at all aware of his true motivations he represses this knowledge so that he can maintain the feeling that his cause is righteous. How do I know all this about his psychology? I know this because I was once in his shoes. I recognize the pattern of behavior an the mindset. I even wrote a book about it.

I admit freely that I enjoy tussling with him on occasion and it always follows a similar pattern. I will publish a blog post that draws his attention. Sometime I specifically write on subjects because I know it will get a reaction from him and other times he simply responds to something I have written without this intent. We then argue back and forth each telling the other person that they are wrong. Sometimes it starts out on the issues but it always devolves into ad hominem attacks. Eventually the tussle becomes tiresome and I tell him I have had enough. He then attempts to post a response which I delete. He usually gives up after that.

Now the fact that I do derive enjoyment out of the interaction in a sense makes me a troll as well. Because the true motivation of a troll is to derive pleasure from getting a reaction out of another person. This is a very ego oriented drive. It makes the self feel good by putting itself hierarchically above another person. The ego is always comparing itself in this way. Some trolls are aware of this dynamic and are therefore able to exercise a degree of control over their behavior. Other trolls do not have this awareness and are unable to control their behavior or perhaps one could say that their behavior controls them. I suspect the gentleman who has been trolling my blog falls into the latter category.

In a sense our interactions have turned trolling into an art form or sport from my perspective. I am using his trolling against him to in effect perform what I would like to label a “reverse troll” or “troll jujitsu.” This of course is my way of making myself feel better about my role in this interaction. I am telling myself that it is all just a bit of fun. But in reality, my intuition tells me there is a dark side to all this that leaves us both muddy. So maybe I am not as aware of my true motivations as I think I am. My growth in this area is a work in progress I suppose.

For example, lately I took a little pride in the fact that this gentleman took it on the chin in the comment section of another blog he trolls. I need to provide some background on this. I first caught this gentleman’s eye more than a year ago when I posted a comment to a post on the blog “The Othosphere.” He took offense with my point of view and after that he began to obsessively post comments on my blog and has been doing so with remarkable consistency ever since. He originally accused me of trolling The Orthosphere. At the time I assumed he was a regular and respected contributor to that community. Over time it became clear, however, that at best the members of that blog’s community tolerated his presence. Typically they ignore his comments by not responding to them at all. At worst they express contempt for him. But I think in his mind I am the interloper to that community which he feels he is a part. Anyway, recently I commented in a post as an attempt to goad him. He naturally snapped at the bait but the beautiful part was that the author of the post entered the conversation making all the arguments against him that I typically make (e.g., his writing is unclear and confusing, he redefines words and expects everyone to use his definitions etc.). To my troll persona this was a spectacular turn of events. Not only was he made to look foolish on his supposed home turf but someone else did the heavy lifting for me. All I had to do was stoke the flame a bit here and there when it started to go out. This was black belt level troll jujitsu.

Of course I am not proud of this behavior. It is dark. It is ego driven. I can make excuses that he was the one who started it, or his belief system is ridiculous and bigoted, or I am not the only one who sees him for the buffoon that he is. But in truth these are all excuses covering up my true intentions. That truth is that there is a part of me that enjoys this and to the extent that I do enjoy it I remain unconsciously controlled by it. This is not a question of morality. From that perspective we are both wrong. But morality is largely an ego oriented enterprise. Morality says I am right and they are wrong and whoever is wrong should feel ashamed. Addressing trolling from the moral perspective will never heal the wound because the wound is a wounded ego. It is truly nothing more and nothing less. Moralizing this problem would only serve to reinforce the ego’s sense of self. The only way to heal a wounded ego is simply (but not easily) by becoming aware. Obviously I am not quite there yet but I am working towards that goal.


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42 responses to “Troll Jujitsu

  1. thordaddy

    There is always a way out of the awareness of your dark side AND this is to embrace the most truthful reality…

    The Orthosphere IS NOT my home turf… I have been CENSORED THERE MANY TIMES just as you do here WHEN the discussion GETS INTO THE REALM of genuine white Supremacy IN THE ABSOLUTE SENSE.

    Furthermore, I have had interaction with Kristor dating back over a decade… Charlton for over five years and various other commentators for many, many years… Many of us admirers of the late Lawrence Auster, an Ashkenazi convert to white Catholicism, i.e., white Supremacy.

    The Orthosphere largely falls under the “self-annihilation for salvation” heresy of Christianity…

    And I’m 42 with four children having delivered my last son with my own hands. You’ve not walked in my shoes.

    You are a mess of “radical autonomy.” And your troll “JIU jitsu” ASSUMES you can grammatically “close the gap.” Not even.

    • What does the fact that both Kristor and I have the exact same and completely independent criticism of your rhetoric tell you?

      • thordaddy

        That you are both on the side of anti-white Supremacy. A charge that Kristor is already aware of as it pertains to a collective indictment of the Orthosphere.

      • thordaddy

        And that ultimately this anti-white Supremacy IS A DECONVERSION and submission to political “Liberalism.”

        It’s a heavy charge, bro…


      • thordaddy

        Censoring a mass deconversion of Christianity… At the behest of the most intellectual of “Christians.”

      • You are the only person who feels that white supremacy and Christianity are connected so I imagine from your perspective this “deconversion” of yours is pretty much total.

      • thordaddy

        This is where you show an obliviousness to race-realism not granted to the familiars at the Orthosphere.

      • So you say but you have yet to provide one iota of proof to back up you unique theory.

      • thordaddy

        It is very well established amongst many at the Orthosphere that the traditional conservative, white male Christian is a “RACIST” as PERCEIVED BY THE ZEITGEIST.

        And it is also firmly established that “racist” is liberated, cuckservative-speak for “white supremacist.”

        So the accusation against the traditional conservative, white male Christian to being a “white supremacist” is so commonplace that ONLY YOUR NAÏVETÉ in the area of race-realist can explain your utter ignorance of the matter.

        YET… This ^^^ ignorance does not then afford one the ability to recognize that in the denial is deconversion… Which is exactly the aim of those attempting to rule with no blood on their hands OR simply submit the still standing.

    • Terry Morris

      I’m 51 with 8 children (four boys, four girls. What of it?

  2. thordaddy

    You shouldn’t feel bad for beating up a perceived “bully…”

    So you create the shame in your mind believing that you beat a mere ignorant child…

    So you COMPOUND your pathology…

    At BEST, you are verbally alternating with a real man that could crumple you IRL… BECAUSE that is what I get paid to do.


    Your insults are par for the course… Not even original…. And lacking all subjective awareness of my true being, just don’t hit anything…

    I’ve been at this… NOT TROLLING… BUT tirelessly trying to convince white boys that they can be white Supremacists and do not have to be self-annihilators FOR A LONG TIME…


    I must contend with the likes of you and the Kristorean Orthosphere.

    Unreal and so real.

  3. thordaddy

    Come over HERE and get a different flavor of high IQ “racists” WHO ARE NOT white Supremacists…

  4. thordaddy

    You are suffering from your own self-induced shame WHICH ONE COULD PREDICT in a self-annihilator. In other words, a self-annihilator, once he becomes self-aware of his self-annihilation, WILL RECOGNISE HIS PENCHANT for inducing shame within. In your case, the inducement of this personal shame IS MANUFACTURED out of a FALSE REALITY taken as truth. In short, you have yourself the prideful picking on the “ignorant” when in reality YOU ARE JUST SHAMING YOURSELF and figuring out how to get out from underneath this self-induced shame.

    Start with the truth about the reality our exchange. I am the “bully” who likes to fight. Do you like to fight? Do you ACTUALLY FIGHT? For what you believe?

    • Define your term “self-annihilator”… I still don’t know what you mean by this.

      • thordaddy

        Is it not self-evident? Does your genuine lack of concrete conceptual capacity for the phrase “self-annihilator…”. Or, one who annihilates the Self… One who, in “parts,” or FINALLY, kills thy Self… STAND as evidence of your “radical autonomy?”

        You literally DO NOT KNOW of a people who kill themselves in “part” and/or in whole AND HAVE A REAL DESIRE TO DO SO?

        THAT’S ^^^ “White Christianity.”

      • Well, since I am in no way annihilating myself it is not self evident what you mean by your peculiar use of this particular term in your private jargon.

      • thordaddy

        Your belief of CONTRA-ception as “responsible family planning” is VERBAL EVIDENCE of your desire for self-annihilation.

      • How is that annihilating my self?

      • thordaddy

        If you desire to CONTRA-ception then you desire to kill a part of your Self.

      • How can I kill something that does not exist?

      • thordaddy

        By desiring to… And then contraceiving.

      • But I still exist. How have I annihilated myself according to this novel and counterintuitive theory of yours?

      • thordaddy

        You can annihilate “parts” of your Self (or conspire to) without Final Liberation IF YOU SO DESIRE? And then your “self-annihilation” mirrors a redundant phenomenon, i.e., a HABIT of mind and body.

        Contraception as “responsible family planning” IS A TELL.

      • How have I annihilated a part of myself by using contraception? By that logic I am annihilating myself by simply deciding not to have sex if given the opportunity.

      • thordaddy

        You are ONLY CONCEPTUALIZING “contraception” as pre-conception AND NEVER as post-conception when you should have BOTH in mind when discussing CONTRA-(con)ception..

        And IT IS THE DESIRE for self-annihilation that “has” jew conceive “contraception” IN A STUNTED FASHION…

        Very vicious circle.

        At the minimum, YOU MUST redact your statement that “contraception is responsible family planning” UNLESS you believe self-annihilation to be responsible family planning? And you should state as much explicitly… That sometimes you need to kill a part of yourself in the course of responsible family planning.

      • I have no desire to annihilate myself. I also have two children. The fact that I choose not to have any more children in my mid 40s cannot reasonably be interpreted as an indication that I desire non existence.

      • thordaddy

        You tell yourself that you want sex without any more children and contraception is acceptable to the task.

        It is just lip stick on a pig though BECAUSE your concept of “contraception” is sufficiently stunted to the point of EXCLUDING a contraception that is, in fact, a KILLING OF A PART OF YOURSELF… An ACTUAL CONTRA-(con)ception.

      • It is the angry evil energy behind each of your comments that makes you a troll.

      • thordaddy

        Projection 101…

        I reject self-annihilation wholeheartedly and INTEPRET absolutely nothing in the Bible as a demand to self-annihilate.

        You, on the other hand… A self-identified Roman Catholic, INTERPRET the entire Bible as a demand to “self-annihilate for salvation.”

        THAT’S ^^^ EVIL…

        And IT SHOULD MAKE healthy-minded white Christians REAL ANGRY… BUT IT DOES NOT.

        That’s why I’m a white Supremacist.

      • Lol! From all appearances I doubt you have ever read the Bible. You worship your own ego and call it Christianity. It is a form of idolatry which scripture expressly rejects. And I still have no idea what you mean by the term “self-annihilation.”

      • thordaddy

        I worship my “ego” because I come here specifically to confront a bona fide anti-white Supremacist?

        I don’t get it?

        What does that even mean?

        “I worship my ego.”

        Can define this above?

        It cannot just be the fact that I’m here and taking issue with your PUBLICLY SUBSIDIZED obnoxiousness…


        So I am, IN FACT, here SELLING NOTHING and at my OWN EXPENSE simply for the sake of correctly one perverted male’s mind on the entity that is Jesus Christ… The Perfect Man… A REVELATION of there BEING no obstacles in a will to Perfection.

      • That right there is a perversion of the Christian message into you worshiping your own ego. That’s why you are so fixated on “the perfect man” aspect of Christianity to the exclusion of loving your neighbor as yourself. That’s why you laughably try to crowbar racism into Christianity where it in no way belongs. It is silly on its face and the fact that no one else agrees with you should give you a hint that this world you have constructed for yourself does not accurately reflect reality.

      • thordaddy

        ONE CANNOT PERVERT Christianity by reiterating the most important empirical fact of all humankind ESPECIALLY when THIS EMPIRICAL FACT IS LOST TO THE MASSES and self-identified “Christians” claim it hardly important at all.

        You are writing NONSENSE.

      • As Kristor rightly pointed out the Nicean Creed does not mention anything about Jesus being the perfect man. As such it is not central to the faith. In your radically autonomous practice of Christianity you choose to fixate upon this point for obviously egocentric reasons.

      • thordaddy

        AND AS I reasonably rebutted Kristor only to be inexplicably censored to your PRESENT DETRIMENT…

        WITHOUT The Perfect Man faithfully embraced as a GIVEN…

        THERE IS NO Nicene Creed.

        The Nicene Creed without Jesus Christ as Perfection makes for not much more than word salad, i.e., the babble of Babel…

        Which is EXACTLY THE POINT of extricating The Perfect Man from the center of Christianity and the Nicene Creed.

      • Debating you is like debating a childish, egotistical wall. Go on believing your made up version of Christianity. It makes zero difference to me or anyone else. I think we’re done here.

  5. Hi Winston,

    Hope you’re well, sir.

    An interesting article! You ask some good questions and make some good points.

    My own take on trolling in the blogosphere is that what needs to be respected is that an author led platform like a blog is a very different beast to a an audience led platform like a message board or even a Facebook page… meaning that whilst audience participation is the very lifeblood of a message board and it is what it depends upon to survive (and thus it does not pay to be too controlling), a blog is very different animal because it is – of course – a platform for YOUR narrative, not some disruptive guest commentator’s.

    That is not to say that argument isn’t healthy, but there’s a certain cut off point, I think; just because with some people it’s like if you give them an inch, they’ll take a bloomin’ mile and run you ragged.

    Trolls are a lot like energy vampires in that respect, I guess.

    Okay, that’s all I wanted to throw in. Have a fun Halloween, Winston!

    Best regards,


    • Thanks Gary! Finally a normal person commenting… I guess I find his behavior interesting and entertaining so I probably encourage it to a certain degree…

      • 🙂

        …Well, a lot depends context, too. It’s not just down to the type of platform (i.e. Facebook group, message board or blog), what you’re ready to put up with has a lot to do with the subject matter you’re writing about.

        For example, Ain’t it Cool News positively thrives not in spite of, but to a large degree BECAUSE OF a very rambunctious fanboy audience who gleefully insult (in the most technicolor of fashion) that site’s owner and other staff writers at every available opportunity if they disagree with a movie review… and do you know what? It’s often as funny as hell and the writers concerned usually give as good as they get back in the comments section.

        It’s part of the culture of that site and what makes it special, I guess.

        It caters to a certain audience and what would be acceptable on that site most definitely wouldn’t be at home on other forums, by virtue of the fact that it is very different to a message board or a Facebook group for (oh for the sake of argument) people seeking help for an addiction or other health issue.

    • thordaddy

      Gary Bell…

      A PUBLIC BLOG is a place where an individual can “scream” out the “window” of his home domain nearly anything and everything he desires to scream at the virtual world. That some other individual passing along in the cyberspace happens to “hear” winston’s “screams” OUTSIDE his home domain AND AT THE HOME DOMAIN of another and then foliows winston back to his own domain to “hear” what things he “screams” out his own “window” CANNOT then be described as anything but the normal course of business in the realm of politicized blogging.

      AND THIS IS NOT EVEN winston’s OWNED DOMAIN… This domain is structurally maintained at no cost to winston himself BY WORDPRESS.

      Now… Let us get to the reason for even following winston back to his SUBSIDIZED “home” domain…

      And that was to take a glimpse at what OTHER preposterous and diabolical “things” he screams out into the virtual world AT NO COST TO HIMSELF?

      For it was my “disruption” of his “contraception is responsible family planning” spake by a “Roman Catholic”and freely distributed with no cost to himself that deigned me “troll.”

      In other words, this isn’t a case of “trolling,” but a case of opposing evil masquerading under the guise of Christianity and using the accusation of “trolling” as a defense mechanism.

      Now go back to your AA meeting and dig deeper into the details of your recovery? It is either God-ordained free will or it is eventual failure.

      • Your final paragraph betrays the true motivation behind your post. Although I know you desperately want to convince yourself that you are “opposing evil” (ha) you really just want the ego boost of judging other people. I’m pretty sure everyone (including yourself on some level) can plainly see this.

        As for your claim not to be trolling, I will let your hundreds and hundreds of hate filled obsessive posts speak for themselves. (Lol – literally!)

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