10,000 Steps – Thoughts on Goals

Actual, Physical Steps

I use the Pacer App on my iPhone which records the number of steps I take. I assume this works by sensing the bounces in my strides. I came to this conclusion by observing that it continued to accurately count my steps when I was walking on a treadmill and not actually moving from one place to another. The goal is to take 10,000 steps every day. Overall I think this has been a positive addition to my life in that by using it I am probably getting more physical activity that I would otherwise get without it.

IMG_0664Using the app has changed my daily behavior. For example, now when I go to a store I will purposefully park far away in order to add to my step count. I have also noticed that if I have not reached my goal for the day every activity I engage in is valued to some extent through the lens of how many steps it will generate.

There is a significant downside, however, in that I do feel compelled to take my phone with me where ever I go so that I can get credit for the steps that I take. In this way my iPhone has further still intertwined itself with my daily existence which is something I struggle with and perhaps a topic for another blog post.

Self Improvement

It is all about self improvement and partly inspired by a blogger I follow named James Altucher. He advocates engaging in what he calls a “daily practice” consisting of self improvement in four areas of life daily. These areas are (1) Intellectual (e.g., reading or learning something new), (2) Physical (e.g., going out for a walk), (3) Emotional (e.g., keeping negative influences to a minimum) and (4) Spiritual (e.g., praying, meditating, engaging in religious practice). I try to follow this practice and use the 10,000 daily steps as a means of improving myself physically.

This is important because I have a job where I spend a significant amount of time sitting at a desk. It is good to break up the day by taking a walk. I used to feel guilty about leaving my desk to take a walk because I felt that was time I could have spent working. But now I realize that if I do not take care of myself physically then the other four areas of my daily practice will suffer. For example, if I do not take care of myself physically I will have less stamina and concentration to perform my job or other pursuits. I will also likely feel more irritated and less fulfilled as well. For these reasons, I now feel entitled to my 10,000 daily steps.

Accomplishing Goals in the Now

I usually make a point of getting most of my steps in by noon. But some days are busier than others and I find myself thinking that I will put off taking my steps until the evening. Unfortunately, I have found that this to be a mistake because more often than not when I do put my steps off until the evening I never actually end up reaching my goal of 10,000. There is a lesson in this. It seems similar to the adage, “never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.” Only in this case it is, “never put off until the end of the day what can be done in the morning.”

Of course the goal renews itself daily so I never make myself feel guilty if I do not actually  reach the goal. This would be counterproductive because if I do make myself feel guilty (aka employ shame as a motivating force) I will eventually become resentful with the goal in its entirety. When this happens I am likely to say, “To hell with it!” and give up on the whole scheme. Accordingly, if I do not reach the goal (which almost never happens) I know that the goal will be there when I wake up in the morning and that is the end of that.

Goals Should Be Daunting at First

I have a goal of 10,000 steps per day. It is said that people must practice a skill for 10,000 hours to master it. The journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step. There is nothing magical about the number 10,000. The nexus between these three ideas is that the goals are daunting at first but with persistence (that is, additional steps) the goals are eventually achieved.

When I first had the idea of taking 10,000 steps per day it seemed a little daunting. So I started out with a goal of 5,000 steps and every day after I tried to exceed the number of steps I took the day before. Using this method I eventually reached the real goal of 10,000 per day. Now a day does not seem complete if I have not reached that goal. It is a good thing that 10,000 steps seems daunting at first because that means in order to accomplish it I must push myself a little harder than I am used to pushing myself. There are probably 10,000 steps between the starting point and the achievement of any worthwhile goal. But I have found that most goals in life can be achieved eventually by continuously taking steps towards their achievement.





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36 responses to “10,000 Steps – Thoughts on Goals

  1. thordaddy

    Come on wS…

    Ten thousand steps… To genuine white Supremacy. That’s your next post.

    Or at least ten thousand steps to SOMEWHERE or are you just stepping?

    • I’m certainly not trying to step towards the imperfect state of racism.

      • thordaddy


        There is a race to the Singularity whether you join it or not. And the Roman Catholic label at least puts you at the starting line.

      • I agree that we are all trying to return to God but your racism is obviously a step in the wrong direction.

      • thordaddy


        You’re wrong. Your liberal concept of “racism” has you clinging to a false reality. It’s why you are only at the starting line.

      • You are wrong. Who ever does not love does not know God. 1 John 4:8

      • thordaddy


        Yes… So anti-racism and its ideologically-driven hatred for the father is ungodly.

      • Anti-racism in no way means hatred of father. It is following the teachings of what you call “the perfect man.” That is, love of God comes before race and other similar material and ego concerns. LK 14:26

      • thordaddy


        You know “racism” in the same way you know lies. You learned from other peoples’ mouths.

        Anti-racism is against racism…

        Racism is immersion (-ism) into things “race.”

        Your RACE is YOUR father, in particular.


        Anti-racism is AGAINST the FATHER!!!

        Anti-racism is hatred for the father…

        And HOW your children will tell you that they “love” the “black” stranger EQUAL TO their “daddy.”

        The white Supremacist calls this ^^^ “pathology.”

        YOU CALL IT “Christianity.”

      • I am simply saying that whatever it is you think you are practicing it isn’t Christianity. Christ himself (ie. the perfect man) instructs us in no uncertain terms to “Love thy neighbor as thy self.” (LK 10:27) Moreover, he instructs us to do this regardless of our neighbor’s ethnicity in the parable of the Good Samaritan. (LK 10:30-37).

        What is the scriptural basis for this claim of yours that Christianity endorses racism? Or did you simply make it up on your own and call it Christianity?

      • thordaddy


        One doesn’t “practice” striving towards Supremacy… One just does it or he descends. One cannot float.

      • What is your scriptural basis for your claim that Christianity endorses a striving for racial supremacy?

      • thordaddy


        This ^^^ is what a father teaches his son.

      • How does that make it a Christian teaching?

      • thordaddy


        That’s a misleading question.

        The question is whether the white Supremacist is in accord with the highest reality.

        He is, in conception and definition…

        And he is, faithfully.

      • But you are the one who is questioning my Christianity. Surely you must have some scriptural basis that links your novel belief system with Christianity upon which you base your questioning of my Christianity.

      • thordaddy


        I am questioning your “liberal theology” which you cloak in Christianity and your questioning of a white Supremacy that is in absolute accordance with this same Christianity?

      • I can cite scripture to back up my claims and you cannot.

      • thordaddy


        You cannot cite any Scripture that teaches racial self-annihilation or anti-racism.

      • I never claimed such a thing. The parable of the Good Samaritan teaches to love neighbor regardless of ethnicity. You cannot cite scripture that teaches racism.

      • thordaddy

        You cannot cite scripture that teaches racism.

        If your concept of “racism” was not absolutely perverted then you wouid recognize that Scripture IS ALL ABOUT IMMERSION INTO THE Father.

      • Give me one example to back up your novel theory.

      • thordaddy


        Just tell me what your “race” is IF NOT your father?

  2. Please provide a scriptural example that you feel supports your assertion that “scripture is all about immersion into the father.”

    • thordaddy


      What are you worshipping EXACTLY?

      And think “God is dead” when understanding your audience?

      • I worship God the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth, of all thing visible and invisible.

        Now, please provide a scriptural basis for your claim that your racism has any connection to Christianity other than the connection that exists in your mind.

        If you continue to avoid answering this simple question I will assume you acknowledge that there is no connection.

      • thordaddy



        YOU PROVIDE your Scriptural basis FOR YOUR LIBERATED CONCEPTION OF “racism?”

        Secondly, you provide a Scriptural basis for how your definition of “racism” ONLY involves the subjugation of the “black” collective?

        Your RACE is your Father.

        I don’t need a Scriptural basis for that which is self-evident.

      • So you are saying that you love black people?

      • thordaddy


        Are “black people” my Father?

      • Possibly. I don’t know. What difference does that make?

      • thordaddy

        “Father, what difference do you make,” asked Sir winston Scrooge’s youngest daughter?

      • So you are saying that your hatred for black people has nothing to do with your self-identification as a white supremacist and that this novel philosophy is explicitly ordained by scripture?

      • thordaddy


        It’s crazy HOW YOU MUST keep YOUR RACE intimately intertwined with the “black collective.” You literally cannot fathom your existence OUTSIDE of an enveloping “blackness.” In so many ways, you are exactly like those crazy “black” radicals who swear up and down that there is no where they can go to escape “white supremacy.” Yet, REAL white Supremacy is nearly nonexistence ESPECIALLY in the modern Roman Catholic and mainstream MRKN Christian.

  3. When I ask you to cite scripture to support your claim that your racial views are in any way Christian you dodge and avoid answering the question.

    Similarly, you squirm and refuse to admit that your claim to be a white supremacist has anything to do with your previous admission that you “hate niggers” (your words).

    Why can’t you answer a direct question? Your inability to do so suggests you lack the strength and courage of your convictions.

    • thordaddy


      First… I’ve already stated my views as clearly and as explicitly as possible. Your inability to digest such explicit particularity IS THE ISSUE.

      I DO NOT NEED to consult Scipture IN ORDER TO MAKE THE CLAIM that my race is my father ANYMORE than I must consult Scripture to justify existing.

      The question is whether YOU CAN FORCE OTHERS to live the chaotic ideology “we” refer to as “liberalism” which is shorthand for FORCED INTEGRATION OF ALL THINGS. You take this ideology of forced integration and you cloak it within “Christianity” for the purpose of a self-annihilating “sacrifice for salvation.”

      I am suspicious of the “black” collective.

      I hate evil.

      So… I hate niggers.

      Scripture stays silent as there is no argument.

      I also desire to strive towards Supremacy AS a white man.

      And neither the “black” collective nor any niggers need to be involved either absolutely or relatively. If they did not exist at all, it would change nothing.

      And of course, I don’t NEED Scripture to strive towards Supremacy, yet Scripture is clearly here to help guide.

      • I’m a little bored of this interchange. Your philosophy is a pseudo-intellectual word salad. You lack the ability to answer even the simplest questions. You claim that your philosophy of white supremacy and racism has nothing to do with your hatred of niggers and your distrust of the black collective (which is preposterous on its face). Finally you claim that this is all sanctioned by Christianity when it clearly has no scriptural basis and in fact is directly contradicted by scripture.

        That is my position. I have heard your “position” over and over and categorically reject it. I see no need to continue the dialogue. Please go harass someone else.

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