The Mentality Behind Baiting and Trolling

BOANIn my last post entitled “How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog” I wrote that one method to increase traffic is to “Bait a White Supremacist.” I wrote this in part because the biggest spike in traffic I ever received throughout the history of my blog was when I was interacting on a regular basis with a person who calls himself “Thordaddy” and self-identifies as a white supremacist. But honestly, I wrote this in large part to bait Thordaddy into responding to my blog. In a very ego gratifying series of events he did in fact respond and now we are engaged in the same type of dialog we were before that did so much to increase the amount of viewers of this blog a few months back. See the comment section to my previous post.

I suppose I must admit this baiting occurred in a moment of weakness on my part. There is a still a strong part of me that likes to engage with shame based people like Thordaddy and get them angry because it amuses me to do so. I am certainly not proud of this and I make no excuses. This is the essence (I believe) of trolling, judgmental-ism, racism and all other addictive behavior. In a sense it serves two goals. The first is immediate gratification. It physically feels good. Perhaps this is the brain releasing endorphins as a reward for behavior which it believes to serve the survival instinct. The second goal is psychological. It makes the ego feel superior to the one it has shamed. Both these motivations are base motivations in that neither one serves the ultimate good. I firmly believe this despite how seductive they might seem at times.

The other point I would like to make about our most recent interaction is how easy it is for a shame based mindset to create a world around itself that feels very real. I see this in the way that he has redefined common words to suit his purposes but then reacts with incredulity when other people have no idea what he is talking about. I see this most recently in his pretentious, pseudo-logical ramblings that are designed (I assume) to sound authoritative but have no basis in logic. He will defend this world to the death because in a very real sense the death of that world he created means his own annihilation.

These are all shame based (i.e., ego based) characteristics. They are hyper-judgmental, paranoid, defensive and always carry with them an undercurrent of jealousy, rage and nastiness. How do I know this? Because I used to be this way and I recognize it in him. I suppose I still am this way to a little extent as is evidenced by the amusement I experienced when he so readily took the bait I set out for him.

Again, I am not proud of this but it is my goal on this blog to be honest so there it is.


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22 responses to “The Mentality Behind Baiting and Trolling

  1. thordaddy


    You’d be better off recognizing this newest exchange as synchronistic telepathy meant to test the validity of those defense mechanisms used to justify your radical liberation under the cloak of Christianity.

    I DID NOT say, “abortion is a reproductive right.” The radical liberal say this.

    And I DID NOT say, “Contraception is responsible family planning,” either. A liberal “Christian” TROLLED THIS CLAIM at the Orthosphere.

    Now, the REAL POINT was the accusation of bringing forth “evil negativity.” Something that you can now be ACCUSED of bringing forth with glee IF you are genuinely sincere in your assertion?

    The segue into abortion/contraception was YOU playing fast and loose with your logos. The absurdity was tying abortion to “reproductive right” and “reproductive right” to contraception AND THEN CLAIMING abortion and contraception are entirely unrelated. That’s coo-coo for coco. That’s radical liberation. That’s anti-Christianity.

    There is no opposition to a female’s right to reproduce. And so a female’s “reproductive right” has never been challenged.

    There is opposition to a “mother’s” “right” to abort (kill) HER CHILD in utero.

    And there is opposition to contraception DUE its subconscious nod to self-annihilation where a conception never takes place.

    What do you actually believe, you little tease, you!

    • You brought up the abortion/contraception tangent. You used the term “reproductive right.” I was simply following your lead and pointing out the logical flaws in your opinions. If this interaction bothers you I really suggest you stop commenting on my blog.

      • thordaddy

        “[P]ointing out the logical flaws…” — wS

        You’ve done no such thing.

        “Reproductive right” is neither my phrase nor is “abortion a reproductive right” my claim. Secondly, the conflation of the RIGHT TO REPRODUCE (read: “reproductive right” translated into its ACT) and the “right” to abortion ARE ANTITHETICAL ACTS. Ergo, abortion IS NOT A reproductive right.

        The GIVEN was that you BAITED ME…

        In fact, I was called here because you summonsed me out of the blue TO TELL ME of my “evil negativity.” That’s a bold charge so much so that you think you have baited me into fomenting once again. Nothing could be further from the truth as you are the one committing a grave sin by writing fast and loose (read: liberal) with your defamatory words.

        Evil should be defined as those who claim self-annihilation to be Good. So when we write of “contraception,” you are not clear on WHERE the “contra” part is in your “conception?”

        My claim was simple.

        IF you believe abortion is a “reproductive right” and a “reproductive right” is contraception THEN abortion equals contraception. And in fact, where we are writing of a “contra” that occurs after conception, we are writing of abortion. And where we are writing of a “contra” that occurs before/without conception, we are still writing about a self-annihilating mentality… An ABORTIVE mentality.

        Who is really injecting the evil negativity? I reject self-annihilation while you write all manner of ambivalence towards “it.”

      • You are the one who said liberals believe abortion is a reproductive right. I only used your term in the context of trying to figure out the point you seem to be attempting to make.

      • thordaddy


        Are you now denying of ever having heard, read or seen a liberal claim and/or attest to abortion being a reproductive right?

        You have never heard or seen?

        “Abortion is a reproductive right.”

        So that your stance is that I am actually creating a false reality?

      • Abortion is a legal right according to federal law. Are trying to make the argument that “liberals” claim it is a right in any other context?

      • thordaddy


        My point is that if you are actually baiting evil then you do a very dangerous thing, but in fact, you are attempting to expunge the evil from within which starts with the rejection of your desire for Self annihilation as evidenced by statements like, “Contraception is responsible family planning.”

        Somehow and for some reason, you cannot reject the above statement and conceive its rejection as a step towards regeneration?

      • You seem to feel that the use of contraception eliminates the possibility of a married couple from having any children at all. This is an over simplification. Lots of people use contraception to responsibly manage the number of children they have. I don’t understand why you feel this is such an outrageous concept.

      • thordaddy


        Why do you keep using the word “feel?”

        The ABSURDITY is in claiming “abortion is a reproductive right” (standard liberal dogma) and “contraception is responsible family planning” (standard liberal “Christian” dogma) ALL THE WHILE ABSOLUTELY DENYING that abortion and contraception are the act and thought of self-annihilation.

        So I can readily reason to the liberal position by way of embracing self-annihilation. But clearly, you cannot readily conceive abortion and contraception as self-annihilation BECAUSE you seemingly deny your liberalism?

      • I use feel because your opinions are emotionally based as is evidence by how angry you become when challenged. Now, I do not know that “standard liberal dogma” holds that “abortion is reproductive right.” Upon what do you base this opinion of yours?

      • thordaddy


        Angry? Lol… You must be joshing me?

        You are CONSCIOUSLY INSERTING emotion into this freshest debate for your own personal benefit.

        You can google “abortion is a reproductive right” and “see” for yourself better than I can keep repeating the meme that has been around for decades.


        The ABURDSITY… Otherwise understood as the perversion of reality IS CONCEIVING abortion as “reproductive right” and contraception as “responsible family planning” WHILE ABSOLUTELY BEING UNABLE TO CONCEIVE OF abortion and contraception as self-annihilation???

        Which then all comes back to WHO IS REALLY introducing “evil negativity” into the air?

        My “argument” is for REGENERATION.

        Your screed is on behalf of the “right” to self-annihilate.

      • I have said abortion is “a reproductive right” according to federal law over and over. You are trying to argue that liberals somehow believe abortion “is reproductive right” which makes no sense.

  2. revengestar

    So the advice is ”support absurd opinions to get attention”? or ”provoke people”? Come on, this is short lived fame.

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