How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

TreesI have been writing this blog for the better part of four years and am steadily approaching 10,000 views. My viewership has gradually crept upward since I started this endeavor. Although I do not think my number of views is particularly impressive I do think I have learned a few things about increasing traffic to my blog.

Write from the heart

The written content I create on this blog comes from what I think is interesting at the moment. It can span different topics but it is always in my voice. Other people will tell you that your blog should be about one topic or theme to increase viewership. This may be true but if I did that I would not be writing from the heart and I think when content is created more for the purpose of attracting viewership than to convey the content of the post this motive becomes apparent to the readers and is inherently less interesting to them.

Bait a White Supremacist

By far the most traffic I ever received on this blog was when I caught the attention of a stalking troll named Thordaddy. Much of this increased traffic derived from him commenting on my posts and me counter commenting. I do believe there was a bit of ancillary traffic that resulted from other readers observing this interchange as well. At any rate it was a great source of content because I then created posts which analyzed the comment section of the previous post. There was, however, a downside in that dealing with his evil negativity on a daily basis began to drain my energy. This is the reason why I stopped engaging him but there is no denying the uptick in views that resulted from our interplay.

Write Consistently

I try to write at least one 500 to 1,000 word post every week. I do believe that writing with this amount of consistency attracts more viewers than if I wrote blog posts in a less predictable fashion. The other benefit to writing consistently is that it strengthens the writing muscle which makes it easier to create quality content on a consistent basis which in turn (I suspect) attracts more readers.

Write about Passive-Aggressive Behavior

By far the most read post that I have written is Passive Aggressive Behavior the Truth Will Set You Free. I am not sure if it was the title that got people interested. I have since tried to write other articles about passive aggressive behavior to see if they too would attract readers. Of course that tactic violated my first directive to write from the heart which may be the reason why they have not been as popular as the first post on that topic.

Write about Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” In December

I wrote a few posts on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” a couple of years ago that have consistently gotten more views every time December rolls around. I guess the take home message is that people like to read about things which are on their minds. In this instance the Christmas season seems to make people want to read about “A Christmas Carol.”

In conclusion, I am sure there are SEO types out there who would definitely know more about attracting readers based upon keywords, word count and links influencing the relevance in a Google search listing. I am not so interested in that for the purposes of this blog post. Mainly I just wanted to share the things that seemed to work for me in their limited capacity.


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22 responses to “How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog

  1. thordaddy

    “Evil negativity?”

    Lol… I’m not the one trolling Christian sites CLAIMING abortion to be “responsible family planning.”

    Your attempt at revisionist history is a major fail and you should recognize the DEFENSE MECHANISM that you are employing when accusing “thordaddy” of trolling.

    • When have I ever made the claim that abortion is responsible family planning?

      • thordaddy

        When you claimed contraception to be “responsible family planning.”

      • Do you think contraception is the same thing as abortion?

      • thordaddy

        If a female’s “reproductive right” is equivalent to abortion then so must abortion be equivalent to her contraception.

      • I do not see how one logically follows the other. Please explain why you feel this to be true.

      • thordaddy


        There is no “feeling.” We are contemporaries. “Abortion as a reproductive right” is axiomatic liberal dogma that CANNOT BE denied. You are a LIBERAL “Christian.” Thus, abortion as “reproductive right” is “true.” And it follows from this liberal “truth” that IF the right to reproduce, i.e., reproductive right, equals abortion THEN abortion equals contraception… Abortion EQUALS “against conception.” And lo and behold, that is EXACTLY what abortion is… Against conception. Ergo, contra-ception is abortion.

      • Under current federal law “reproductive” rights include the right to use contraception and the right to seek an abortion. This does not mean they equal each other. Nor is your “equation” a compelling argument that I ever said or implied that abortion is responsible family planning.

      • thordaddy


        You’re playing semantics and playing not very well.

        Is abortion RESPONSIBLE “family planning” or not?

      • Absolutely not. Contraception and abortion are two completely different things. I have never said otherwise.

      • thordaddy


        When you trolled the Orthosphere claiming “contraception” to be “responsible family planning,” where at in relation to conception were you speaking of with your contra-caveat?

      • According to my recollection I described the use of contraception within the context of marriage as responsible family planning in the comment section on this blog. If I understand your question correctly contraception (i.e. the use of the birth control pill) prevents conception from happening in the first place.

      • thordaddy


        Contraception and abortion are most definitely not two “completely different things” ESPECIALLY if one claims abortion a “reproductive right” AS ALL LIBERALS are dogmatically mandated to do.


        In fact, where contraception is post-conception then there is abortion. Subsequently, where contraception is pre-conception, the minds are still engulfed by self-annihilation. The minds have both predetermined to bring no more of one’s “self” into this world.

      • Please define what you mean by your term “reproductive right”.

      • thordaddy


        “Reproductive right” = right to reproduce.

  2. It would be easier to discuss this if you were more clear with your choice of language. As far as I can tell your term “reproductive right” means the right to reproduce in general but “liberals” include within this right the rights to both use contraception and seek abortions. But you also feel that the use of contraception to avoid conception and the abortion of a life after conception to be identical actions. Is this a fair description of your opinions?

    • thordaddy


      If A=B and B=C then A=C…

      If abortion equals “reproductive right” and “reproductive right” equals contraception then abortion equals contraception. And this is true as far as it goes. Just not to those who claim both are equal to the right to reproduce. Mental madness.

      • Abortion does not equal reproductive right. Reproductive right equals a bundle of rights one of which happens to be abortion. Another is the use of contraception.

      • thordaddy


        It is settled dogma amongst liberals that “abortion is a reproductive right.” Are you not a liberal?

      • I would say I am liberal on a variety of issues but not everything. I agree that under federal law women do currently have the right to an abortion but this does not mean that abortion is the entirety of their reproductive rights or is equal to their reproductive right as you seem to feel it is.

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