Dialog with a [W]hite Supremacist Part V

My biggest fan waxed psychological about the workings of the ego: “It’s not clear who exactly is writing on your behalf? Your ‘self’ or your ‘ego?’ I was always suspicious of those that try to disassociate the two to the point of mutually exclusive ‘entities.’ Where my beliefs are strong, the ‘ego’ is silent. Where trivial efficiency comes into play, the ‘ego’ sometimes goes into overdrive.”

Here, I am pretty sure I understand his point. Again, the concept of ego can be used as a crutch or an excuse but also its existence can be reasonably called into question. Part of the confusion is that the term “ego” can be used in different ways. Freud’s ego is not the same thing as the ego talked about in a Buddhist context for example. When I say “ego” I refer to that inner voice. A person who deals with shame issues might experience an inner voice that is constantly criticizing him. It might tell him or make him feel that he is not good enough or is not entitled to certain things. It might recall embarrassing memories over and over or tell him he is doing something incorrectly. I believe a great many people experience the ego I am describing undeservedly. This type of ego results from an abusive situation where a person is constantly bullied or told they are wrong at a young age. This message is then internalized and never really goes away. Because of its chronic nature it has to be managed, otherwise it will result in maladaptive behaviors, anxiety, depression, anger and in some cases violence.

Periodically, in our discussions the white Supremacist would, rather than discuss the issues civilly, resort to making ad hominem attacks. It is my belief that his unchecked ego was the source of this behavior. When I pointed this out to him he responded, “But that is exactly the kind of disassociated, ego-emergent notion that neutralizes the rightful burden at the feet of the Self.” I assume by this statement he means that his ad hominem attacks were not only fully intentional but virtuous and praiseworthy as well. Putting aside the fact that making ad hominem attacks is not really a convincing or effective debate tactic, I have to admire that he is taking his philosophy all the way without compromise. I’m not sure what he is talking about half the time but he seems to believe it whole heartedly.

He went on to say, “What you call ‘ego’ had been assimilated by my Self where issues of first principle are involved.” By this, I take him to mean he has no ego or critical voice as I have described when survival is at stake. I can only take him at his word on this point. However, he seems to put almost all aspects of life under the umbrella of survival. He sees the white race as under threat of extinction and he sees the behavior of seemingly everyone but himself at fault for this. I cannot experience his psychology (obviously). I can only piece together the bits of reasoning I have sifted from his voluminous and largely incomprehensible writing.

Based on my meager understanding I still have to believe he has this internal critical voice whether he labels it an ego or not. He displays all the characteristics of a shame dominated person. He is highly judgmental of other people. He displays an “us versus” them mentality. He tries very hard to project an image of certainty and reacts with hostility when questioned. He is obsessive (one need only review the comment sections of the last four posts for proof of this). He has scapegoats too numerous to count. A person with a shame dominated mind has to find other people at fault for his problems. He has to point the finger elsewhere in other words. Else the only person to point to is himself and that pain is too much to endure.


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7 responses to “Dialog with a [W]hite Supremacist Part V

  1. thordaddy


    When the message and the messenger are one then the ad hominem “attack” is entirely legitimate.

    • Again, I don’t really know what you’re talking about. I don’t suppose it would do any good to ask you to clarify your position? That would only mean I Am feigning ignorance?

      • thordaddy


        What is your message? Is it not you and your “ego?” You are not a white Supremacist, but you are a Christian “white man.” And you are not just a Christian, but a liberal “Christian.” So when one takes these two understandings into account then the final analysis is that you are a radical autonomist and self-annihillator. You want to call this an ad hominem attack, but such an attack IS ONLY INVALID when it’s an attack on the messenger so as to divert the discussion away from the message. This is no such scenario. You and your radical autonomy, first making itself known to me at the Orthosphere, are the messenger and message. It is IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO ATTACK you when I attack your message AS you and your message are one in the same. Interestingly enough, you are using your “ego” as your messenger, making it the object of degradation and thereby protecting your dominant Self from the external scrutiny of what you actually believe.

      • thordaddy


        You understand this:

        Supremacy = degeneracy…

        You do not understand this:

        white Supremacy = white Supremacy…

        So you understand this:


        But you do not understand this:


        In other words, you are SELF-consciously CONFINED to a stunted, relativistic perception of reality where you seemingly have no absolute sense of things and yet can still absurdly talk about such things as though you did have a sense of such things. So you just know that A=B without even knowing first that A=A.

  2. thordaddy


    It’s not hard to contemplate the “ego” that shamed *you* as a result of being verbally abused, but the question is ultimately one of created origin. If *you* are not fundamentally the creator of this “ego” then it is a phenomenon outside of your control and direction. Such a concession then sets into disarray the whole notion of an “ego” as deriving from a SELF-awareness. How are “we” to know what is actually the case in your case? Perhaps this “ego” of yours is just the right “tool” to obtain your highest desire? Self-annihilation for salvation? Is this not the creed of the modern “Christian” and the quintessential blasphemy to the white Supremacist?

  3. thordaddy


    I was never shamed or verbally abused. I was a jock and 3.5 student who was rejected for honors society because I slept too much in class. I’ve basically been a bouncer in SoCal for almost the last 20 years. People don’t shame me or verbally abuse me for the most part. And likewise, I don’t put a lot of deep thought into the masses outside of the general observation that said mass is comprised of self-annihilators, ie., individuals not concerned about the fate of theirs souls. Where you perhaps feel some kind of personally degrading remorse which has you self-annihilate in a more respectable manner (for salvation) so as to set an example for the degenerates, I just plain reject self-annihilation absolutely and will shame any self-designated “Christian” guilty of perpetuating self-annihilation amongst white people. That’s you, winstonScrooge.

  4. thordaddy


    The fact that there are less whites now than tens years ago and will be even less ten years down the road ONLY MEANS Western Christianity is on its way to extinction. And just in case you hadn’t noticed, the death of the white Christian in American tracks nearly identical to the media-propagated ideological taboo against white Supremacy. One of those things that makes thordaddy go “hmmmm” and winstonScrooge go, “what? I don’t understand what you’re saying? You’re incomprehensible! Dying? There were 6 billion people ten years ago and will be 8 billion ten years from now. Who’s dying? We’re being saved!!!”

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