Dialog with a [W]hite Supremacist Part IV

It seems to me that it gratifies my white Supremacist’s ego to place himself in a position where he can look down upon, judge and shame other people. When I asked him if this was the case he became hostile.

That’s an interesting question for the mindset it seeks to project,” he said. “There is first the assumption that I CAN think in your terms… An assumption that all think in those terms. But, there is an implicit message in your question that says winstonScrooge does not ‘think’ like this…

I’m not sure what it is he is claiming not to be able to think in terms of. He surely cannot be claiming that he is not able to judge other people? He calls himself a “white Supremacist.” Does this label not outright claim a superiority (or at least the intent to have superiority) over other people? As for assuming all people thinking in terms of judging other people, I know many do but I certainly do not think all do. As for me claiming or implying that I do not judge other people, I do not make this claim and it is not my intention to imply this either.

I do try not to judge other people in most cases. I recognize that most judging of other people comes from a place of shame which is usually brought about by being judged and shamed by someone else. In other words, when a person judges or shames another person he usually does so because he suffers from a negative self-image and seeks to alleviate this feeling by making someone else have a negative self-image of themselves. This motivation is largely unconscious when acted upon. It is the ego at the helm in those instances. But of course Mr. white Supremacy will never admit to this (probably even if he believed it to be true).

Moving on. Then he made the following accusation: “This is your manner of radical autonomy. You impose a mindset on the masses that you are happily free from thus maximizing your autonomy in relation to the world.”

I asked him how he thinks I am imposing a mindset on anyone. After all, I write a blog that has gets 5 hits a day on average (not counting those coming from my white Supremacist reader). If this is my mouthpiece I fail to see how this influences, let alone imposes a mindset on the “masses.”

He responded, “By believing that your questions were comprehensible in the first place. Your question is in the form of ‘when’s the last that you beat your wife?’ My answer is feigned ignorance. I don’t understand your question. I know of [no] such ‘ego’ that you speak of? Can you articulate your question in a more concise and understandable way?

I am not sure what questions he is referring to. I think my questions are far more comprehensible than his inscrutable tirades. I don’t see how my asking him to tell me how he think I am imposing a mindset on anyone is like asking him about the last time he beat his wife when he directly accused me of “imposing a mindset on the masses.” I think he actually believes his writing is perfectly logical and straight forward and that I am merely feigning ignorance (as implied by his comment “My [meaning his] answer is feigned ignorance.”

Perhaps this is the impasse. He thinks I am being dishonest with him when I am actually trying to understand him. But he gets offended when I try to get him to clarify his argument. He reminds me a great deal of Admiralbill in this regard.

To be continued…


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7 responses to “Dialog with a [W]hite Supremacist Part IV

  1. thordaddy


    You’re not a white Supremacist, so we are not playing my “game.” I am playing your “game,” just better BECAUSE I have converted to white Supremacy and thus possess an OBJECTIVE view of Liberalism.

    There is no impasse. You are a liberal “Christian” and I am a white Supremacist. You are deracinated and I am fully racialized. Your “operating paradigm” is Universal Equality and mine is Perfection. So in terms of the fate of the white Christian, you are for annihilation and I am for edification. All the “politics” are just diabolical distraction. On the hieararchy of the enemies of white Christians are “white Christians” beholden to the self-annihilating dogma of Liberalism. That’s you, man. And I think you care to know. Where you PROJECT anger and tirade, you should believe IT compassion and will.

  2. thordaddy

    A liberated language means that words and phrases possess antithetical meanings DEPENDING on the beliefs of messager AND receiver of the message.

    So one asks what is a “reproductive right?”

    wS says, “the right to abortion.”

    thordaddy says, “the right to reproduce.”

    Who’s right? Are we both right? Does the apparent uncertainty just mean we are both wrong?

    The point is that our language is liberated and because you and I reside on opposite sides of a schism there is no presumption of understandable communication between us.

    I conceptualize the white Supremacist as a white man who believes in and therefore strives TOWARDS objective Supremacy, ie., Perfection. This conception IS ABSOLUTE and therefore not very susceptible to postmodern deconstruction…

    You, on the other hand, CONCEIVE a “white supremacy” equal to a white degeneracy that self-designates an automatic superiority over “blacks.” This is, in our very own modern way, the now “traditional” definition of “white supremacy.” But nonetheless, it is and will always be a relativist conception highly susceptible to deconstruction.

    So for you, the intellectual hurdle is two-fold. First, there is an intellectual inability to “see” genuine white Supremacy in its absolute sense. And secondly, there is an intellectual stunting that limits your ability to “seeing” “white supremacy” ONLY AS the most radical “white” liberal is wont to see it.

  3. thordaddy


    When you say bad things or draw degrading conclusions about “white supremacy,” I can simply pretend as though I know of no such thing IN THE VERY SAME MANNER as when I speak of the good of white Supremacy AND YOU have no idea of what I speak. So “we” are playing your “game” of radical autonomy. Implicit in your general objection to “judging” IS EXPLICIT acknowledgement of a liberated language. The fallout of a liberated language is the inability to put word to action and so action becomes indescribable and rendered meaningless. And we come full circle to the true motivation of the “don’t judge me” Generation… It is to say, “Do not inform me of my self-annihilating actions.”

  4. thordaddy


    Read that very first sentence again. It’s an attempt to pull me back into your zero-sum game… The game of maximizing and minimizing autonomy… An attempt to, in fact, step upon me as one unworthy of making sound judgement.

    But “sound” judgement, that requires a language not so liberated… A language where “contraception” means “against conception” and not “birth control” which doesn’t really mean “controlling birth” because the “control” isn’t actually maintained, but rather, spontaneous and executionary.

    So for “us” to communicate effectively MEANS you MUST either a) identity when you are using liberated language and inform me or b) attempt to not use liberated language so that we can communicate more clearly.

  5. thordaddy


    You USE a LIBERATED, ie., Liberal, language.

    I use traditional language.

    This is “why” I can understand you, but you cannot understand me (for the most part).


    IF I were to now pretend to not understand you in your use of the liberated language THEN you would be none the wiser. In other words, you wouldn’t blame this deficient comprehension on my limited traditional language, rather, you’d just think I was dumb.

    The reality is just the opposite.

    I KNOW your liberated language and your liberated language is apparently all you know?

  6. thordaddy

    The farther you step through this door the more reason you find to step back out.

    I don’t think you are entirely dishonest… I don’t think you recognize the extent to which you are radically autonomous… The extent that you are detached from Origin and devoid of a vision of Final Destination. Willfully unaware that this state of affairs is technocratically manufactured by a deracinated high IQ “elite.” You are, in this formulation, a good minion. I still have hope for you though.

  7. thordaddy


    I think your wife had input on this last installment?

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