Procrastination When Writing is Essentially Laziness Only More Complicated

I procrastinate when I write. I have several projects I am currently working on (or should be working on) but at times I find it really difficult to sit down to actually write. Often it is far easier to find something else to do or simply just put it off.

Part of me thinks my propensity to procrastinate is laziness. That is, my procrastination is a moral failing. This is shame talking of course and feels like a very shallow interpretation of what is really going on.

Part of me thinks my propensity to procrastinate is fear based. That is, I have a subconscious fear of accomplishment or success and this fear undermines my will to actually sit down and do the work.

Then again, perhaps the fear and the shame work hand in hand. My shame makes me think I do not deserve success. As such, I fear the punishment I will receive upon achieving success. Therefore I sabotage my efforts to work so that I do not have to face this eventuality. The problem with this line of thinking is that I will feel ashamed for not writing as well. So by not achieving for fear of experiencing shame upon achieving I end up feeling shame for not working. Why is one shame based fear more scary than the other?

Perhaps then it comes back to laziness. It is easier to experience the shame of non achievement than it is to experience the shame of achieving simply because achieving requires work and not achieving does not.

Part of me does not believe these reasons (laziness, fear or the combination of the two) is the correct answer. Perhaps the answer is that I simply do not want to sit down and write. I do not enjoy the experience and so therefore I avoid doing it. But at the same time there is definitely a part of me that wants to write or at least feels like I should be writing. This might be shame talking. That is, shame convinces me that I should be performing tasks I do not want to perform and then makes me feel ashamed for not performing these tasks. The counter argument is that I have had wonderful experiences writing in the past. When I am in the “flow state” and the ideas come easily it feels physically good. I also enjoy the satisfaction of creating a finished product and receiving positive feedback. Actually any feedback is enjoyable but positive feedback is especially enjoyable.

Of course the enjoyment of feedback is ego driven. This is another shame based drive but not necessarily related to procrastination. It is really the flip side of the shame driven side of procrastination.

Perhaps I like the flow states but realize they do not happen that often. As such I figure the effort of writing is more likely to not be enjoyable so I tend to avoid it. Maybe this is the same thing a laziness only a little more complicated than it seems at first glance.


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39 responses to “Procrastination When Writing is Essentially Laziness Only More Complicated

  1. thordaddy

    A paradox of radical autonomy is the absence of appreciating one’s God-ordained free will. With so many options and choices… So many OPPORTUNITIES to “procrastinate” and be “lazy” for there is ALWAYS something to be done or accomplished… We never actually get to experience genuine free will… That gift from God. Quite counterintuitive to the modern mind would be to limit one’s options and choices so that chances of “procrastination” and “laziness” are minimized and opportunity to experience genuine God-ordained free will are maximized.

    • Define what you mean by the term “radical autonomy.”

      • thordaddy

        Radical autonomy: consistently applied mechanisms of tolerance and nondiscrimination; absolute freedom on finite playing field; acts without consequence; the destruction of cause/effect physics; anti-Supremacy; anti-Perfection; conscious oblivion; total detachment from God; Hell.

      • Are you saying that my description of procrastination fits this definition? If so, how so?

      • thordaddy


        What I’m saying is that with a plethora of options and choices results the mind battle with “procrastination” and “laziness.” A reframe is in order BECAUSE radical autonomy does not equal genuine free will although they are commonly mistaken as being synonymous by the modern.

      • I still don’t have a firm grasp on what you mean by radical autonomy. Can you define it
        more concisely?

      • thordaddy


        Radical autonomy is the secularist’s answer to God-ordained free will.

      • It is curious to me that you refuse to offer a definition for this term you use so often.

      • thordaddy


        Huh… I gave YOU NINE different ideas of radical autonomy… Which understood literally is autonomy taken to a radical realm. Radical autonomy = absolute freedom. It’s not self-evident? Objective Supremacy = Perfection is not self-evident?

        Radical autonomy is the “thing” that the liberationist DESIRES… The easiest path to liberation is nondiscrimination and tolerance. This is Liberalism. I assumed you already knew these basic ideas? Obviously, one needs to apply these “mechanisms” consistently to be a true Liberal. Although, it’s impossible to do and not be annihilated. It does not then stop some from trying out of pure pride or simple desire for self-annihilation.

        How about you define radical autonomy? Then we can converge on an understanding?

      • You have given many examples you feel fall under the umbrella of your term “radical autonomy” but when pressed to provide a unifying definition you always seem to deflect. I would not use this term because I don’t think it is meaningful especially when applied to so many activities that are hardly radical e.g. a married couple in their 40s with 2 children who make the decision to use contraception.

      • thordaddy


        I gave you definitions…

        Radical autonomy is applying nondiscrimination and tolerance consistently SO AS TO BE a true liberal…

        Radical autonomy is the belief that one can act without consequence (what is the consequence in “using” contraception).

        Radical autonomy is the belief that one can attain absolute freedom in a strictly finite universe.

        Radical autonomy is that which does not exist yet liberationists relentlessly attempt to bring into existence.

        Radical autonomy is the belief that the cause/effect paradigm can be manipulated and “transcended” at will.

        What exactly are you looking for?

        Part of your radical autonomy as a high IQ individual is feigning ignorance about a “thing” traditionally understood as God-ordained free will perverted into a “thing” called radical autonomy. A “thing” that believes itself to be higher and greater than God-ordained free will.

      • I don’t think that definition applies to anyone. Can you provide an example of anyone who fits that definition?

      • thordaddy


        Radical autonomy is the INSANE DESIRE of the liberationist (read: Liberal) who wholly rejects God-ordained free will. A paultry substitution imagined as a sophisticated enlightenment.

        Radical autonomy is the desire of the masses AND ALL organic entities.

        Self-annihilation is the inevitable result. There is nothing procrastinating or lazy about it.

      • Please define “God ordained free will” as you understand it.

      • thordaddy


        The autonomy to seek Perfection.

      • thordaddy


        That which cannot be duplicated; solution to infinite regress; Jesus Christ…

      • You have no idea what you’re talking about do you?

      • thordaddy


        You’re confusing… Is there an actual disagreement with any definition I’ve provided?

        Are you arguing that Jesus Christ is not Perfection? Answer to the “infinite regress” and not duplicatable?

      • So Jesus was a white supremacist and anti contraception? Can you provide proof of this?

      • thordaddy


        Christ took every step towards Supremacy and did not engaged in any acts of self-annihilation. This is the Christian Assertion.

      • There is no objective standard for your terms. Self annihilation, radical autonomy, even perfection all seem to mean what you want them to mean. This accords with you artful interpretation of love thy neighbor.

      • thordaddy


        This ^^^ is actually *you* attempting to be radically autonomous…

        You are FREE to define these terms as you desire and put your concepts next to mine for public scrutiny.

        Is Jesus Christ Perfection incarnate? Do liberals not reject this claim? And is not the root of this rejection DESIRE for radical autonomy?

        It’s not really clear whether you reject or embrace the main premise? With an increasing array of options and choices comes the constant pitfalls of procrastination and laziness? And with these feelings is a loss of free will. Ergo, to TRULY enjoy one’s free will one must limit their options and choices.


        It’s not even clear whether you actually believe yourself to be in possession of God-ordained free will or whether you are merely responding unwillingly?

      • I imagine some liberals reject the idea of Christ’s perfection and some accept it. I don’t see either way to be the root of radical autonomy (whatever that means).

      • thordaddy


        Do you think a universe with The Perfect Man is equal to a universe without The Perfect Man? If not, can this “inequality” help explain your bouts with “procrastination” and “laziness?” If so, can this “equality” explain the very same phenomena?

      • I don’t understand the question.

      • thordaddy


        You’re too intelligent to not understand.

        First, did The Perfect Man walk earth? Yes or no? Does it make any difference?

      • Who is “the perfect man”? Jesus? If so, yes I believe he was an actual historical figure.

      • thordaddy


        You are sly…

        Did The Perfect Man walk earth, yes or no?

        If “yes” then what are the consequences of embracing this truth? And if “no” then what are the consequences of rejecting this truth (hint: two words starting with “r” and “a,” respectively)?

  2. thordaddy

    Seen another way, you only “procrastinate” and bout with “laziness” BECAUSE YOU FOOLISHLY put all choices and options “equally” before you.

  3. thordaddy


    Imagine you had no option or choice of contraception? Would you be more free or less free? Would you have more opportunities to procrastinate and be lazy or less opportunities? Extend this same scenario to your wife. Again, more freedom or less? More procrastination and laziness or less? I think the answer is self-evident. So what other modern “choices” and “options” should you dump in the garbage?

  4. thordaddy


    What if you only wrote falsehoods? Could the notions of “procrastination” and “laziness” then be legitimately tied to your fictitious output?

  5. thordaddy


    The “shame” in procrastinating and your bouts with laziness is in the redundancy of your writings. In Perfection, there is no redundancy, no replication, no duplication, no cloning. As a Christian, one worships The Perfect Man as a self-evident good. To attempt to walk the way of Christ is to render the internal accusations of “procrastination” and “laziness” equal to the whispers of Satan. To write only Truth so as to walk only Truth is to never procrastinate or be guilty of laziness in any meaningless sense of the words. Ergo, the “shame” of procrastinating and bouts of laziness IS COVER for redundantly penning liberal falsehoods.

    You would do well to genuinely attempt to write only Truth and then I GUARANTEE that you will no longer suffer from ideas of procrastination and laziness.

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