Ten Reasons For Me To Stop Or Cut Back On Drinking

I recently moved from Connecticut to North Carolina.  I found moving to be very stressful.  I managed my stress by drinking more than I should have.  So now I am in the mindset to cut back on this behavior.  I have heard that writing a list of benefits associated with not drinking is a good way to motivate myself.  Here are the first 10 benefits that came to my mind.

1.  I will sleep better

When I drink, I stay up later.  When I do go to bed, I find it harder to sleep through the night than when I am sober.  I then wake up feeling tired.  Being well rested is certainly the foundation to performing well in all other areas of waking life.

2.  I hate being hung over

I hate waking up hung over.  It feels terrible physically and it is a complete waste of time recovering from a self-inflicted illness.  It also cannot be healthy.

3.  I will have more time

When I drink I usually stop doing things.  I become satisfied with watching TV.  When I am not drinking there is much more time to get things done.   It is almost magical the way that sober time stretches itself relative to drinking time.  Does this mean that life is more boring when sober? If this is true then this is all the more reason (as far as I am concerned) to cut back on drinking because it means I have become too reliant on alcohol to enjoy myself.

4. There are unknown health risks lurking under the surface

This one worries me.  I wonder what effect drinking is having on me.  I wonder what is going on inside my body and in my organs and how much my body can actually take before serious or permanent damage is done.

5.  I will lose weight

Obviously alcohol has calories.  I also find that I eat more when I drink.

6.  I will be less anxious

Although while I consume alcohol I feel less anxious I find that in the long-term it actually makes me more anxious.

7. I will recover better when I run 

I have trained for 3 half marathons.  I have noticed that when I drink I have less energy and do not recover as well.

8.  I will be more creative

This one is similar to reason 3.  When I drink (unless I am collaborating with other people) I generally stop being creative.  It is harder to come up with ideas simply because it is easier not to.

9.  I will be happier

When I drink for a couple of days in a row I find that I am less resilient.  Situations become more aggravating and it is harder to keep myself grounded.

10.  I will save money

Alcohol costs money.  Not drinking is cheaper.


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2 responses to “Ten Reasons For Me To Stop Or Cut Back On Drinking

  1. A great idea all valid points in my mind thanks for sharing and I LOVE YOU.

  2. Actually I strongly dissagree with points 8 and 9… I am much more creative when slightly intoxicated and for sure alcohol puts a giant smile on my face! 🙂

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